In your work with adult English language learners, you may consider questions such as

These questions and more are addressed in the three latest briefs from the Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL) for teachers and professional developers seeking to promote the success of adult English language learners. BEST Plus and BEST Literacy users are encouraged to read these articles on the CAELA Network website (www.cal.org/caelanetwork).

Evidence-Based, Student-Centered Instructional Practices
Joy Kreeft Peyton, Sarah Catherine K. Moore, and Sarah Young
Center for Applied Linguistics, Washington, DC
April 2010

This brief discusses evidence-based and student-centered instruction, gives examples of instructional approaches that are supported by evidence, and describes how teachers of adults learning English as a second language can work together in learning communities to increase their knowledge of and skills with student-centered instructional practices that are evidence-based.

Promoting Learner Transitions to Postsecondary Education and Work: Developing Academic Readiness Skills From the Beginning
Betsy Parrish and Kimberly Johnson
Hamline University, St. Paul, Minnesota
March 2010

This brief reviews the literature on the skills needed for adult English language learners to make transitions from adult education programs to academic study or work and offers examples of activities and strategies that can be used at beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels of instruction to help learners develop these skills.

Professional Development for Experienced Teachers Working With Adult English Language Learners
Amber Gallup Rodríguez and Sharon McKay
Center for Applied Linguistics, Washington, DC
May 2010

This brief describes the needs of experienced teachers that are different from those of novice teachers and describes features of effective professional development for them.

For more resources on working with adult English language learners, visit the CAELA Network website at www.cal.org/caelanetwork and the Adult ESL Assessment website at www.cal.org/aea.

Adult ESL Assessment Team
Center for Applied Linguistics
Washington, DC