Funding Opportunity: NY Youth Works

To:  NYATEP Membership

The New York Youth Works Request for Applications are now available at:  http://www.labor.ny.gov/businessservices/funding.shtm .  There are 12 funding targets for these applications:  Cities of Albany, Buffalo, New York, Rochester, Schenectady, Syracuse, Mount Vernon, New Rochelle, Utica , and Yonkers; and the Towns of Brookhaven and Hempstead.

As you will see at the above attached link – two RFA’s have been released. Highlights of RFA’s:

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WIA Re-authorization from John Twomey

WIA Reauthorization (a take as I walk out the NYATEP door tomorrow, by John Twomey)-

If you get WIA dollars today, you care about this because by 2013 if WIA is not reauthorized, there is significant risk to those funds.

If you don’t get WIA dollars today, you care because everyone who gets WIA dollars will jump into your pool if they are looking at losing that money.

But really, John, this isn’t going to happen in an election year, right?  I think it is a long shot but some recent action in the House leads me to think there is a 30% chance.

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